Awareness: Phishing Email Appearing to be from CRM Online

We have learned of a recent phishing email that mimics an official Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online email with a subject line similar to “New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Invoice.”  The email states that there is important invoice information available for review, and provides a link to a website that is not affiliated with Microsoft.  This email was not sent by CRM Online and is spam.

Both customers and non-customers of CRM Online received this email, and we have no reason to believe the sender has access to any customer information.  If you receive this email, please delete it.Note that official Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online emails always come from an “” address, and that web links route to official Microsoft-hosted websites.

We would like to remind you that you can always check your invoicing information by visiting If you have questions about your invoice, you can also talk to a billing representative by phone by simply calling your local CRM Online Billing Support phone number.  For tips on keeping you safe online, including pointers on recognizing phishing scams, visit our Microsoft Safety and Security Center.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Team