Internet Explorer 9 – Beta Available

So, you may have seen the adverts regarding Internet Explorer 9? So what’s new you may ask? Can I download it yet? Is it for me?

Microsoft unveiled its new browser Internet Explorer 9 last week. Although there is no official release date yet the beta version is available – unless you’re using Windows XP that is!

Internet Explorer 9 will only be available to those of us who are using Vista or Windows 7 so maybe it’s time for you to upgrade?
The beta can be downloaded at

What are the benefits anyway?
Well Internet Explorer 9 is alleged to be Microsoft’s faster ever browser. It has a new look, can handle the HTML5 web standard and has some great features that snap well with Windows 7 – Pinning (tabs can be dragged to the taskbar); Jump-Lists (once pinned to the task bar users of Windows 7 will be familiar with this method of short-cutting to sites and files) and Aero-Snap (tear off a tab, move it alongside another and windows will format the individual windows so that they sit next to each other for comparison)

Other handy features, (already available in other browsers) are the tab-specific control of non-responsive pages, and the ability to cut specific tabs and drag them to new windows. The look is different too, with the back button given more room, and less invasive error messages when you get them.

Let’s hope it can help PC users use the web faster and slicker as it promises, oh and if you’re still using Windows XP try Google Chrome as it has most of these features, or give us a call about upgrading to Windows 7!

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