Is your office up to speed?

Are you experiencing slow connectivity even when you’re in the same building as your servers and switches?

Sometimes old, damaged or poor cabling behind the scenes can be the cause of data loss, system hangs, software crashes and loss of productivity.

You may be purchasing new computers with gigabit network adapters – capable of running ten times faster over the network than older 100mb adapters, but problems such as old cabling, damaged wall ports or slower hardware along the route can cause bottlenecks.

CJ Systems are currently offering the opportunity to have your whole office tested for just £495!

Up to 180 ports can be tested in one visit (more by prior arrangement).  Each port will be tested for connectivity and line speed. You will presented a few days later with a report that outlines any major issues found, together with advice of how you can improve your internal network connectivity and increase LAN speed up to ten times faster into a gigabit network. Any minor repairs can be done there and then as part of the job.

To avoid any disruption the testing is best done outside of normal working hours.

For more information and to book a job please contact us today on 01823 478515 or visit and click on Contact Us to send us a message.

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