Making light of the Office 365 plans for businesses

OK so there have been some changes to the licensing for Office 365 in line with the release of Office 2013.  Is it time to make a decision? Well if you are planning on buying new computers you may want to check what version of Mail Server you’re running…FACT: Outlook 2013 is not compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Not a problem if you’re running Small Business Server 2008 (Exchange 2007), or SBS 2011 (Exchange 2010) but if you’re running SBS2003 then you need to contact us to discuss the options for migrating away from this operating system. If you have a PC fail, and need a replacement, or a new starter who needs a new PC you may be stuck as to how to install Microsoft Office for them.

Even if you don’t use Exchange, and you have POP3 mailboxes, or perhaps you use gmail or even a btconnect account?  Now is the time to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity presented with Office 365.

But which of the licensing options is best for you?

Well, if you have less than 25 employees and aren’t planning on going over this number for the foreseeable future then one of the Small Business Plans is right for you.

Next you need to ask what version of Office are you currently running on your PCs? plus do you have any Windows XP machines that need replacing?

If you’re already running Office 2007 or Office 2010, or maybe even Office 2013 then these are compatible with Office 365 so you would need either Email Only, or Office 365 Small Business if you also wanted document storage, collaboration and SharePoint.

If you’re not, and you need to either replace PCs. or upgrade Office, then SMB Premium is the one for you which includes a desktop copy of Office 2013.  Bear in mind that this will not install on XP, and also the good news is you can mix and match the licensing between any of the Small Business packages so suit your needs.

If you have over 25 employees, or may well do in the foreseeable future, then the Enterprise packages are the ones to go for, again you can mix and match so take a look at what versions of Office you’re running, and perhaps how many PCs need replacing (XP!) and make a decision based on that.  E1 doesn’t include the desktop version of Office, but Office 365 Midsize Business does – up to 300 accounts.

Once you’ve decided on licensing – give us a call on 01823 478515 and we can set this up for you – you can have a 30 day trial for free.

We look forward to hearing from you…