Network Cabling & Site Wifi

Network Cabling and Site Wifi

Office Moves

Relocating a business is often a challenging and stressful time and one of the most crucial components is the seamless transfer of IT and telecommunications systems.

Organisations are under pressure during office moves to minimise lost productivity and ensure the transition happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Working with your in house team we can survey your new office and test any existing data lines to make sure that you have the correct data and power connections in the correct places and that you have the telephone and broadband lines installed. If not, we can quote for any additional work that is required to accomplish this, data cabling we would quote for ourselves, power and telecom/broadband installations via our partners.

We provide an office move service which includes;

  • An initial audit of both sites to check that everything needed is in place and ready for the move
  • We will disconnect all cabling, systems and equipment and manage the moving of the equipment to the new site
  • We will reconnect and rebuild all cabling, systems and equipment in the new site
  • We will carry out all necessary testing

We have a vast amount of experience in planning, managing and implementing the relocation of IT systems; each move is different and we can tailor a plan to suit you, whether it is a small office move or relocation on a much larger scale.

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Network Cable Installations

CJ Systems offer a complete cabling service throughout Somerset and Devon and pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients.

IT cabling is the foundation stone of your network and should be of the highest quality. Copper cabling, Fibre Optic cabling and Wireless systems work hand in hand to provide a resilient network as long as they are correctly designed and from reputable manufacturers.

As Copper and Fibre Optics often work hand in hand within a network ask yourself this – “Can my installer install both fibre and copper, if not why not?”

Testing is a vital aspect of any copper or fibre installation, we always test our installed copper and fibre optic cabling to the appropriate standards (this test equipment is a significant investment), we keep electronic copies of these tests indefinitely, and they are available for you to view at any time. If your installer cannot offer this service you may wish to ask “why not?”

Correct, simple to understand and accurate labelling is also vital. Systems should be labelled so anyone with basic common sense can easily understand how the numbering system works, there should never be duplicate numbers anywhere on a system. The labels should also be indelible and printed, NOT hand written in pen or pencil.

Good connections and accurate labelling are essential for a reliable and maintainable network.

Wireless Networks

We can install a wide range of wireless networks from high level controller based systems such as Cisco Meraki,  Extricom and Aruba Instant to SOHO devices such as Draytek.  Our preferred product ranges are manufactured by Cisco, Aruba, Extricom, Netgear ProSafe and Draytek.

We arrange a site visit to discuss with you what your requirements are and how you want to use the wireless and importantly, what your expectations are. This, to a certain extent, will dictate which system is suitable for you. There would be no point in selling you a top of the range system if all you need are a couple of “hot spots” for mobile devices, a Draytek system may be suitable, but by the same token if you needed high bandwidth for application hungry systems we would recommend one of the high level systems such as Aruba Instant or Extricom, it is “horses for courses”.

We do not install low end access points such as you would use at home as these invariably prove to be incapable of giving good reliable service in a commercial/education environment.