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Microsoft backs ‘Banning of Infected PCs from the Web’

Scott Charney, a Microsoft Senior Executive, suggested that virus-infect PCs should be quarantined and denied access to the internet. At the International Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) Conference in Berlin, Charney put forward this approach as a way to address botnets and other malware. The approach works much like a quarantine for infectious diseases would. In…

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Internet Explorer 9 – Beta Available

So, you may have seen the adverts regarding Internet Explorer 9? So what’s new you may ask? Can I download it yet? Is it for me? Microsoft unveiled its new browser Internet Explorer 9 last week. Although there is no official release date yet the beta version is available – unless you’re using Windows XP…

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Servers?

Do you have increasingly mobile employees who need access to your line-of-business applications from various locations? You may also have servers that support various capabilities or roles, but are inefficient to manage because they are not well integrated. Or maybe your current servers are no longer under warranty or running software with support that will…

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